about us


Pral Exports was established in 2008 as a manufacturing job shop for subcontract machining and automobile spare parts trading. It is now transformed into a modern machine shop certified for quality management systems such as ISO 9001 and improving the processes with the help of ERP. Having more than 14 years of CNC Machining experience, we are the epitome of precision and quality in the CNC manufacturing space. 

We are providing our services of CNC machining in the Automobile, Geo Instrumentation, and Marine sectors. We have domestic clients as well as clientele in Europe and Africa. We have established our reputation by offering unparalleled quality in critical components used in Geo-instrumentation.


To be an organization that is the first choice both for our customers and employees in the global manufacturing arena.


To provide high-quality products with competitive costing and short lead times, so as to establish a successful relationship with our customers and business partners.


Quality Policy

Pral Exports believes in constant process improvisation as a quality policy as a manufacturer of precision machined components & assemblies. We make quality, a culture than a process in Pral Exports. Quality parts production that delivers on time, fit for client's purpose. We strongly believe in improving efficiency and client satisfaction using quality parameters.

CNC - 9 Workstations
VMC - 2 Workstations
Other tools - Software and workstations