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6 / 12 monthscontract

Pral Exports have a range of advanced CNC milling and turning machines. These include small chuck 3-axis machines producing small to medium size components to fine tolerances. With the current setup, the company is capable of machining items efficiently in multiple batch quantities.

To maximize the efficiency of our engineering services; manufacturing capabilities are replicated throughout the facility. We always make sure of timely delivery with precision parts.

Over the years, Pral Exports has also built up a reputation for batch manufacturing, including repeating quantities of products throughout a contract period. Our clients requiring precision, volume, and timely deliveries for small to heavily engineered products take advantage of our batch manufacturing and manufacture-to-stock functions.



Pral Exports offers full project management working with approved sub-contractors to complement in-house machining offering a complete engineering solution.

Our production facility houses CNC turning and milling equipment, CAD/CAM Workstations, comprehensive inspection facilities, and bespoke finishing and packaging services. Our approved sub-contractors provide heat treatment and plating services to complement our in-house services ensuring all customer requirements are satisfied.

Pral Exports is accredited to ISO 9001 and can supply certified products for the different needs of clients. Approved subcontractors are continually monitored to ensure they continue to provide the excellent service required by Pral Exports and its customers. The strict Quality Policy and ERP implementations help us to maintain the quality parameters strictly to maximum levels.



From Pral Exports' inception, we embraced technology to help improve the processes. To help our clients from the design phase, we have two workstations to build upon AutoCad.

We also implement CAM to facilitate the faster development of prepared designs into workable productions. Our design team ensures the correct functional characteristics of the product design, and it helps to discuss the design changes or improvements.

Pral Exports is accredited to ISO 9001 and can supply certified products for the different needs of clients. CAD/CAM systems help us to move from design to delivery with a swift and correct approach. These workstation outputs are integrated into our ERP system to give us a perfect view of the production pipeline.


specializeplating & coating

Pral Exports have marking and labeling facilities in-house. Once machined parts are ready with manufacturing and marking, we work with approved sub-contractors specialized in heat treatment, plating, and coating processes including anodizing, chrome plating, powder coating, and zinc plating. We also have metal finishing facilities for small assemblies, reducing the post-machining handling for customers.

To maintain the high quality and metal finish of our parts we see correct and careful packaging as a very important part of the process so this is tightly controlled from the first machining process right up to final dispatch. Careful packaging is a very important quality parameter at Pral Exports. We can also work with the custom packaging requirements of our clients.



Effective engineering project management is essential to ensure engineering projects are completed within the planned timescale and within budget. Pral exports have just finished very small turnkey projects within the last year.

With a dedicated project management team alongside a well-versed quality team, capabilities stretch from simple small to medium-sized projects. Pral Epxorts is capable to offer complete supply chain management, from raw material supply, proprietary items, post-processing, testing, etc. Pral exports looking for new turn key projects where we can also supply the human manpower with required skills and quantity.


as wellprototypesdesign

Pral exports welcome one-off production services for specialized projects which need things manufacture only once.

We are also supporting the clients with prototype designing services through our CAD / CAM to manufacturing setup and making dedicated workstations to fully support the design process.

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Highest Manufacturing Standards And Excellence

  • Highest Manufacturing Standards And Excellence
  • Quality: Parts manufactured precisely to specifications
  • Inspection: Advance inspection workstations, Pre, Wip, and Post inspections
  • Delivery: On time, as contracted.
  • Excellence: QMS (ISO 9001:2008), ERP Implementations